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Family Meds Frequently Asked Questions
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Filling A Prescription Online

Just like walking up to your local pharmacy counter, when you fill your prescription online, we will ask you for information about yourself, your insurance, and your medication. Depending on whether your prescription is new or a refill, we may need to contact your doctor to obtain or confirm your prescription and if indicated, submit the claim to your insurance. Once this processing period has taken place, your prescription will be delivered to the address you provide.

Here is what you need to do...

Login/Create an Account
To ensure your privacy and security, you will need to log in to an existing account or create a new account in which your information will be stored.

Patient Profiles
In order to fill a prescription, we must obtain some basic information about the patient for whom the medication was prescribed. A Patient Profile includes Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and other information the patient may choose to provide regarding allergies or other medical conditions. Your account can contain multiple patient profiles. One for each member of your family using the account.

Insurance Profile (optional)
If you choose to use your insurance to pay for your prescription, we will need basic information including; group name, group number, phone number, name on card, card ID, and your relationship to the primary insured member. Your co-pay will not be included in your total at the time of checkout, however it will be added to your order total following adjudication or verification with your insurance. (For more information about your co-pay, please contact your insurance plan)

Doctor Profile
In order to fill a prescription, we must have the name, city, state, phone and fax number of the doctor that prescribed it. Familymeds will call your doctor to obtain the prescription and verify related information.

Prescription Review
The most important step in the process, the prescription review allows you to verify all of the information from the preceding steps, and if necessary, edit certain information prior to adding the prescription to the shopping cart and checking out. For your security, Familymeds will verify prescriptions as deemed necessary by law, through contact with your doctor or your current pharmacy.

Prescription Confirmation
This step confirms that the prescription has been added to the shopping cart and offers the options for filling another prescription or proceeding to checkout.




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Our Pharmacy accepts most major health insurance plans for prescription drug coverage.

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