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Technical Support

If the website does not appear to be formatted on your screen you probably have an old version of internet explorer or another browser. works with newer versions of Internet Explorer. 

Updating Internet Explorer is FREE AND EASY. Updating Internet Explorer will not affect anything else on your computer or any other websites you visit - in fact it might help you view some other sites better too.

Simply click on the below link to access Internet Explorer 7.0 or the latest version.

Follow the simple prompts from the website to download, and then from your computer to run the program. After the update applies, you will need to restart your computer. The process should take approximately five minutes of your time.


Simply Click on the appropriate link below and follow the simple prompts from the website to download the program and then from your computer to run the program. After the update applies, you may need to restart your computer. The process should take approximately five minutes of your time.

To upgrade Safari, go to:

To upgrade Firefox, go to:

For Google Chrome, go to:

For Opera, go to:

Technical Infrastructure Holdings LLC has partnered with Rollcage Technology, Inc. located in very close proximity to's Farmington CT headquarters to be our technology infrastructure host partner. Rollcage Technology, Inc. serves a technology hoster/consultant backed by their in-house, full service data center and excellent support staff.

The Rollcage Technology Center infrastructure was constructed with key design considerations in mind. Security, redundancy and scalability were primary to this design.

Rollcage operates a central network hub at their data center for secure hardware based VPN access to their remote support and hosting services. Their enterprise data center is protected by multiple layers of firewall/router security, multiple password protection layers, intrusion detection, monitoring and virus protection. Rollcage will provide Holdings LLC, and its website, a dedicated staff of professionals with a technical lead responsible for , enabling Rollcage to act quickly to our needs, ultimately saving critical time and cost and affording better customer service to our customers.

Rollcage's secure data center provides enterprise level redundancies across the entire infrastructure, including:

  • - Standalone building owned and controlled by Rollcage, isolated on over an acre with no shared walls, services or utilities
  • - Self-contained, automated, full building 60Kw power generator
  • - All servers, network and storage hardware protected by UPS's
  • - AT&T Fiber network services with AT&T managed BGP failover to our T1s
  • - Hardware VPN connectivity provided for all client connections
  • - Multiple redundant environmental control systems, i.e. Air Conditioning
  • - Clustered server availability
  • - Rollcage security infrastructure includes server, systems and network security supporting Dell/Wintel and IBM /AIX environments with Oracle and SQL Server, including:
  • Network, domain, admin, database and application layers of unique ID and password security
  • Firewall/Router security with active intrusion detection and monitoring
  • To enhance security, Rollcage subscribes to a policy of physical hardware isolation to provide an additional layer of client security
  • Physical facilities security includes:
  • Monitored building security, including intrusion, motion detection, fire, smoke and heat
  • Active monitoring for server room heat and cold thresholds
  • Server Room is not located on an outside wall. Three locked doors plus locked server enclosures
  • Multiple physical and VM server options available for managing scalability




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