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Family Meds Frequently Asked Questions
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SafeRxfil Guarantee

The quality goes in before the cap goes on.
That's the idea behind SafeRxfil - a unique safety process offered only by the clinical Pharmacists of Familymeds of Arrow Pharmacy. Every time we fill a prescription, we perform a regimented triple-check of every medication before it is put in your hands. Then when you receive your prescription we include a detailed information sheet, including all the facts you need in order to use your prescription safely.

Our Quality Assurance

"The quality goes in before the cap goes on."

SafeRxfil Input

  • Personal Health Profile
  • Drug Interaction
  • Drug Dosage
  • Patient Allergies
  • Patient Diseases
  • Physician Directions

SafeRxFil Dispensing

  • Patient Name
  • Drug Strength
  • Drug Directions
  • N.D.C.#

SafeRxFil Double Check

  • Patient Name
  • Drug Strength
  • Drug Directions
  • N.D.C

SafeRxFil Triple Check

  • Patient Name
  • Patient ID#
  • Patient Address Label
  • Drug Name
  • Safety Cap Requirement




Familymeds has America’s lowest price on hundreds of popular brand name drugs will only ship prescriptions to states where a valid license is held*

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Our Pharmacy accepts most major health insurance plans for prescription drug coverage.

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